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Elizabeth Sheedy

Associate Professor (Financial risk management)

Macquarie Applied Finance Centre


About Elizabeth Sheedy

PhD(Macq) BCom(UNSW)

Elizabeth Sheedy is a financial risk expert. Prior to joining the university she worked for Macquarie Bank and Westpac where she worked in derivatives. She now teaches courses in Financial Risk Management in the Master of Applied Finance program. She is responsible for all courses in the Risk Management specialisation and has been teaching in Singapore and Australia for more than 20 years. In that role she has gained a broad knowledge of all aspects of risk (credit, operational, liquidity, market).

Dr Sheedy has enjoyed a long association with PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers' International Association) and co-edited The Professional Risk Managers' Handbook. In previous years her research focussed on quantitative risk modelling. More recently her research focus has shifted to the role of governance and culture in determining outcomes for banks.

LinkedIn: https://au.linkedin.com/in/elizabeth-sheedy-4a98005

Watch Elizabeth discuss the benefits of specialising in Risk Management:

Watch Elizabeth discuss the Banking and Finance Oath:

Culture and the role of The Banking and Finance Oath (BFO) from Cris Parker on Vimeo.

Research interests:

  • Financial risk management (for banks, fund managers and non-financial institutions)
  • Volatility clustering and its application to modelling risk
  • Risk Governance of Financial Institutions


  • “Risk Governance and Culture” Governance Directions 68(1) February 2016 p. 19-22
  • "International Compliance with new Basel Accord Principles for Risk Governance" with Sue Wright and Shane Magee, in press with Accounting and Finance
  • “A Framework and Measure for Examining Risk Climate in Financial Institutions” 2015, with Barbara Griffin and Jennifer Barbour, in press with Journal of Business Psychology
  • “Risk Governance, Structures, Culture and Behaviour: A View from the Inside” with Barbara Griffin, February 2016
  • The Professional Risk Managers’ Handbook Volume 1 (2015) edited by Elizabeth Sheedy and available at www.prmia.org
    Book 1: Financial Theory and Application
    Book 2: Financial Instruments
    Book 3: Financial Markets
  • "A Practical Guide for Non‐Financial Companies When Modeling Longer‐Term Currency and Commodity Exposures." Journal of Applied Corporate Finance 27.1 (2015): 89-100. With Lurion De Mello and Sarah Storck.
  • "Reform Where It Is Least Needed: Diffusion of Post Crisis Risk Governance Regulation", June 2014 with Shane Magee and Sue Wright
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  • The Professional Risk Manager’s Handbook: A Guide to Current Theory and Best Practices edited with Carol Alexander, 2004, available at www.prmia.org
  • “Corporate Use of Derivatives in Hong Kong and Singapore” Managerial Finance, 32 (2)
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  • “The Future of Risk Modelling” in Lessons from the Financial Crisis: Causes, Consequences and Our Economic Future Edited by Robert W. Kolb, John Wiley & Sons, Inc. 2010 
  • You can access my papers on the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) at http://ssrn.com/author=148688
  • Governance of financial institutions: a cross-country evaluation of national codes following Basel (2010)
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