Roland Winn

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Roland Winn

Senior Lecturer (Corporate Finance and Investment & Credit Analysis)

Macquarie Applied Finance Centre


About Roland Winn

BEc(Hons) PhD(Syd)

Roland has over 20 years’ investment industry experience. He was recently Manager of the Investment Analysis team at the Guardians of New Zealand Super, a sovereign wealth fund. He was responsible for seeking new investment strategies across all asset classes in all markets, maintaining cross-asset views to allocate the fund's risk budgets, setting investment hurdles for fund investments and providing investment advice across the fund. He also helped build the fund's systematic investing programs.

Roland was formerly Head of Research Strategy and member of the Investment Committee at CP2, a global investor specialising in listed and unlisted infrastructure and global equities and was a Portfolio Manager for Global Equities at Hunter Hall International Ltd. Roland also led the Corporate Advisory team at Capital Partners Pty Ltd, after joining as an Equity Analyst. His previous roles encompassed equities research, leadership of asset acquisition teams, and advice on valuations and establishment of costs of capital for pension funds and regulated entities.

Roland's expertise includes a long background in corporate finance, multi-asset strategy, and construction of global investment portfolios. Prior to joining the investment industry, Roland was in academia with a background in Corporate Finance, Investment Analysis, and Corporate Governance.


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