Fees for the Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance

Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents:

Fees are charged on a per unit basis at the time of enrolment in that unit at the approved rate.

Fees may be tax deductible and for an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa FEE HELP may also be available.

Visit studyassist.gov.au or 1800 020 108 for more information.

Sydney 2016

  • Core units: AUD4,800 per unit
  • Elective units: AUD2,400 per unit

Melbourne 2016

  • Core units: AUD3,800 per unit
  • Elective units: AUD1,900 per unit

Sydney 2017

  • Core units: AUD4,896 per unit
  • Elective units: AUD2,448 per unit

Melbourne 2017

  • Core units: AUD3,992 per unit
  • Elective units: AUD1,996 per unit
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