Industry connections

Industry partnerships

Three industry connections of the Macquarie Applied Finance CentreAt Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre (MAFC), we believe that industry partnerships are crucial to the ongoing strength and relevance of our programs and executive courses.

Industry bodies and finance professionals

We build upon the very strong industry connections inherent in our teaching faculty by regularly engaging and consulting with industry bodies and finance professionals to ensure that our services remain at the forefront of financial education in both Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region.

We have recently formed three advisory groups to assist in the development of MAFC's programs:

There are also a number of prizes sponsored by industry, such as KPMG and Deloitte, which reward students who do well in particular units or streams.

Best possible career outcomes

In addition to our prizes, scholarships are available to students by CFA and CAIA. This means that we continue to create the best possible career outcomes for our graduates, as well as enhancing the reputation of the Master of Applied Finance (MAppFin) qualification.

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