RG146 Compliance Gap Training

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) Regulatory Guide 146 (RG146) details a set of minimum standards to which advisers must be trained. This policy applies to all natural persons who provide (or intend to provide) financial product advice within the Australian regulated marketplace. Advisers must demonstrate competency in the areas in which they provide advice.

Program information

This course is only open to graduates and current students of the Master of Applied Finance (MAppFin) Program who completed the core units after 1 January 1995. Those who passed the core subjects prior to this date and who wish to meet ASIC’s requirements, should contact the MAFC

MAFC offers the RG146 Compliance Gap Training Program to current students and graduates who wish to provide financial product advice. They  may meet ASIC’s requirements by undertaking 'gap' training to cover material that is not specifically addressed within the framework of the program.

Terms of enrolment

Enrolment in this gap training program is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Intendees must be either a current or former student of the MAppFin Program, and
  2. For students or alumni between 1995 and 2014 the following core units of study must have been completed successfully:


For new students or alumni enrolled from 2015 and onwards, the following core units of study must have been completed successfully.

Course outcomes

By successfully completing the RG146 Compliance Gap Training, you will meet ASIC’s RG146 requirements in:

  • Derivatives
  • Foreign Exchange
  • Generic Knowledge
  • Managed Investments
  • Securities
  • Skills

A Certificate of Completion is issued by the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre after successfully passing the final assessment.


In order for RG146 compliance to remain current, individuals need to undertake relevant CPD.  The number of hours depends on the number of authorisations each individual has, and is usually determined and organised by the Licensee (the organisation you are working with). The minimum is usually 20 CPD points/hours annually.  The first year that you must acquire CPD points is in the year starting 12 months after completion of your initial compliance.

Program dates and delivery

From 1 September, 2014, our RG146 Compliance Gap Training program is delivered online through an external provider, Financial Education Professionals. Students can enrol and complete the course in their own time.

Course fees

The fee for the MAFC RG146 Compliance Gap Training Program is AUD$800 + GST.

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