How to apply for the Graduate Certificate of Finance

Online application form

Before you commence the online application form, please have the required documents (refer to above) as PDF files for upload.

  • Term 1, 2017 (January)
    • Closed 20 November 2016
  • Term 2, 2017 (March), closed 19 February 2017
  • Term 3, 2017 (June), opens 6 March and closes 14 May 2017
  • Term 4, 2017 (September), closes 6 August 2017
    • Applications open two months prior to application closing date.

Contact us for further information.

Required documents

Please note that in some instances, MAFC may seek to confirm the authenticity of evidence directly with the source.


  1. University transcript(s) from prior degrees 
  2. Proof of Citizenship or Residency Status (ie.. passport) 

Additional documentation (non-standard entry)

Additional documentation is required for applicants that do not have a Bachelor Degree (or higher) but have 5+ years (Full-time equivalent) professional work experience

For the list of additional documentation visit Credit and Exemption on Entry


  1. Log of Continuing Professional development activities over the last two years
  2. List of Industry Professional memberships where membership has been held for more than one year
  3. Proof of successful completion of Professional accreditation

English language requirement

Applicants who have not undertaken recognised studies taught in English (i.e. undergraduate degree) as required to demonstrate proficiency in English. Find out more about English Language Requirements.

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