The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Applied Finance is a small, selective program for individuals with extensive experience in the Finance area.

To apply for a place in Macquarie University’s PhD program, you are required to hold a Master's Degree (or equivalent) predominantly focused on research preparation.

Please see the University's Higher Degree Research website for admission requirements. Macquarie University no longer accepts the Undergraduate Honours degree for direct entry into its PhD program. Most potential applicants will first need to complete the University's Master of Research. (You will need to take this program with the Department of Applied Finance and Department of Actuarial Studies and Business Analytics, not the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre which does not offer this program.)

It is also highly desirable for you to have experience in the finance industry and a demonstrated capacity for research in applied finance.

In addition to the PhD thesis you may be required to complete some specialised units to equip you for your chosen area of research.

Studying full-time, you would be expected to complete the PhD Program in three years. Studying part-time, you should anticipate at least one additional year and we would usually require you to study full-time for a minimum period of nine continuous months on campus in Sydney.


For enquiries about the PhD Program, please contact Associate Professor Rob Trevor before submitting an application form.

Enquiries should include:

  • a full CV,
  • copies of your academic transcripts, and
  • address ALL the following points:
    1. Why do you want a PhD Degree? This Degree is intended as training for rigorous research.
    2. Why do you want to pursue a PhD with the Macquarie Applied Finance Centre?
    3. What research topics do you propose to work on? Are there specific questions that you wish to explore? Have you looked through any academic finance journals? Which ones? What are the main academic papers relevant to your research area?
    4. We generally require evidence of research capacity before offering a place in our PhD Program. Are there any papers or research projects that you could show us that would give us an indication of your research ability?

Please supply specific answers to the above questions. (Attention to detail is a very important attribute for PhD students.) We will only be able to process your inquiry once all these details have been supplied.

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