Professional Practice (AFCP802)

Students will integrate and apply their knowledge and skills to issues and cases that simulate professional practice in finance. Students will reflect on their roles as practitioners in the finance industry and further develop their professional identity. Critical analysis skills will be utilised to evaluate, synthesise and provide reasoned responses to issues arising in financial practice. Students will undertake research in applied finance and will be challenged to critically reflect on current issues via the preparation and presentation of a major research report. Personal communication, negotiation and collaborative skills will be further developed. This unit will be undertaken towards the end of the program of study.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Apply research principles and methods as used in contemporary professional practice in applied finance.
  2. Evaluate and synthesise established knowledge and apply professional judgement to current issues in applied finance practice.
  3. Demonstrate advanced critical, analytical and integrative thinking as applied to contemporary and ethical issues in applied finance.
  4. Communicate effectively using a variety of forms to diverse audiences.
  5. Collaborate effectively with colleagues in order to address contemporary issues in applied finance.


  1. The Trusted Advisor
  2. Problem Solving and Decision Making
  3. Research Methods for Applied Finance
  4. Communication Strategies
  5. Negotiation
  6. Legal Reasoning and Legal Duties
  7. Ethics in Finance
  8. Contemporary Industry Issues
  9. Defining Professional Character

Prerequisite Units:


Unit Guides:

  • Professional Practice - Sydney and Melbourne 2018. The link will provide a list of guides for this unit. If the desired term/location is not listed, please view the latest one available.
  • Professional Practice - Beijing 2018.

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