Corporate Treasury Management (ECFS850)

This unit aims to give students an insight into treasury management for non-financial corporations. It will examine cash forecasting and liquidity management, financing, financial risk management and managing relationships with financial institutions, ratings agencies and within the business. We consider the issues confronting the treasurer today and the changing role of treasury in today’s environment. A key focus is how treasury fits within the broader corporation, understanding how and why a corporate treasury differs from financial institutions, how it can add value to the corporation and work to support broader corporate objectives.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the scope of corporate Treasury responsibilities and its role within the broader corporation, and how Treasury can support the business and add value to the corporation.
  2. Identify and implement appropriate strategies to manage key treasury risks, including short term liquidity, interest rate, FX and commodity price risks.
  3. Identify and implement appropriate long term funding strategies.
  4. Understand the importance of accurate short term and long term cash flow forecasts.
  5. Understand, apply and interpret appropriate Treasury management and funding techniques to ‘real world’ situations.
  6. Understand and identify opportunities for Treasury to engage in broader business activities.
  7. Understand the importance of appropriate systems and governance to protect the integrity of Treasury activities.


  1. Introduction to Corporate Treasury
  2. Short Term Cash Management
  3. Balance Sheet Management
  4. Managing Market Risk
  5. Case Study
  6. Managing Treasury Relationships
  7. Systems and Governance

Prerequisite Units:


Unit Guides:

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