Debt Capital Markets (ECFS886)

This unit applies the principles outlined in Portfolio Management and Valuation (AFCP801) and Financial Instruments (ECFS867) to the process of debt capital raisings within Australian, US and Asian markets. The unit aims to provide the student with a perspective on the development of debt capital markets, a theoretical understanding of the issues and a sense of the practical aspects and mechanics of executing a debt capital market transaction. This unit covers all short and term debt markets, securitisation and credit derivatives.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Analyse and explain, both as an individual and a group, local and international debt markets, issues and trends.
  2. Critically evaluate debt capital market transactions.
  3. Assess a company’s debt capital market requirements and make reasoned recommendations.
  4. Demonstrate and explain the uses of debt market instruments in the current environment.


  1. Overview and Objectives
  2. Developmental History of Debt Capital Markets
  3. Detailed Elements Within Debt Securities Markets
  4. Debt Securities In Depth: Part 1
  5. Debt Securities In Depth: Part 2 - Secured Debt Instruments
  6. Pricing Signals and Hedging Instruments for Debt Obligations

Prerequisite Units:


Unit Guides:

  • Debt Capital Markets - Sydney and Melbourne 2019. The link will provide a list of guides for this unit. If the desired term/location is not listed, please view the latest one available.
  • Debt Capital Markets - Beijing 2018.

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