Investment Banking (AFCP867)

New unit offered in 2018.

This elective explores the execution of major corporate and financial transactions, particularly in the areas of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) and Equity Capital Markets (ECM). Students will gain a fundamental working practical knowledge of the processes, core theory and market techniques required to conclude successful ECM and M&A transactions. The unit also covers key regulations impacting on major corporate finance transactions, and considers the regulatory environment of major corporate finance transactions. This unit builds on valuation and analysis skills gained in the Corporate Finance (ECFS866) unit and relevant Corporate Finance electives. This unit will appeal to students seeking to enhance their transaction execution and management skills, in either an investment or corporate banking environment, professional services corporate advisory or corporate business development roles.

Note: Students who have completed Equity Capital Markets (ECFS991) and/or Mergers and Acquisitions (ECFS842) are ineligible to enrol in this unit.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the nature of major corporate finance transactions, major trends, and their role in achieving organisation strategic objectives.
  2. Able to design, implement and execute major corporate finance transactions.
  3. Understand key tools used in advising on, and executing, major corporate transactions.
  4. Able to understand and critically evaluate major transaction structures used in ECM and M&A transactions.
  5. Able to effectively communicate to an audience of senior executives the motivation and structure of recommended corporate finance transactions.
  6. Identify and understand relevant laws and regulations impacting on ECM and M&A transactions, and be able to critically evaluate the regulatory policy environment of such transactions.


  1. What is Investment Banking?
  2. Initial Public Offerings
  3. Mergers and Acquisitions
  4. Secondary Equity Offerings
  5. Divestment/Divergers
  6. Takeover Defences
  7. Capital Management Transactions
  8. Conclusion and Review

Prerequisite Units:

Corequisite Units:


Unit Guides:

Investment Banking - 2018. The link will provide a list of guides for this unit. If the desired term/location is not listed, please view the latest one available.

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