Private Wealth Management (ECFS906)

This unit is aimed at those students interested in a career in private wealth management who seek a better understanding of the major issues facing private wealth managers and their clients. By private wealth management, we mean the business of financial advising/selling directly to individual investors. This unit focuses predominantly on the advice and advisor side of the business.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand and accurately explain major current issues facing private wealth managers and their clients.
  2. Understand and accurately explain relevant regulatory, market and client requirements.
  3. Distinguish the key attributes of alternative PMW techniques including their appropriate applications and limitations.
  4. Demonstrate an appropriate understanding of key business drivers and sensitivities within various private wealth management business models and appropriately explain key issues.
  5. Understand and adequately explain the importance of behavioural issues in private wealth management.
  6. Demonstrate an appropriate understanding of a number of current topics covered in Contemporary Issues and how they may impact the private wealth management industry.
  7. Understand, apply and interpret strategies to manage a client’s portfolio.


  1. The PWM industry Today
  2. Overview of Advice Channels
  3. Lifecycle Investing – Why People Save & Invest
  4. Client Acquisition and Retention
  5. Ascertaining and Meeting Client Needs
  6. Portfolio Construction and Taxes
  7. Insurance and Annuities
  8. Contemporary Issues
  9. Behavioural Finance and Individual Investors
  10. Compliance, Regulations and Ethics

Prerequisite units:


Justin Sadler

Unit guide:

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