Graduate profiles

  • Brett Backhouse

    Brett Backhouse

    Position: Head of Exposure Management and Dealing, BT Investment Management

    “The reputation of the program and the strength of the teaching staff is what sets the Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University apart from other qualifications.”

  • Wolfgang Beckmann

    Wolfgang Beckmann

    Position: Global Head of Loan Management, Institutional Portfolio Management, ANZ

    “From studying my Masters of Applied Finance with Macquarie I was able to acquire knowledge and insights that I didn’t have previously which have proven very helpful in what I do. Also whenever the topic of education comes up in conversations, there is an instant recognition of Macquarie University which helps with networking.”

  • Brooke Bishop

    Brooke Bishop

    Position: Senior Manager, Macquarie Bank

    Brooke is a part-time student studying at our Melbourne centre and working full-time at Macquarie Bank and as a Senior Manager. Click through to hear how Brooke manages to make his MAppFin studies fit around his work and family commitments.

  • Julie Catanach

    Julie Catanach

    Position: Executive Manager Group Learning, Suncorp

    Julie finished the Master of Applied Finance in 2007 while working in a finance role, she has since moved into a senior HR role at Suncorp as the Executive Manager of Group Learning. She believes this makes her unique – as the only HR professional with a MAppFin in Australia. Hear how the Master of Applied Finance has help shape Julie's career and how she finds it incredibly useful in a non-finance role.

  • Jacob Doo Chun Ki

    “I chose to undertake my Masters of Applied Finance with Macquarie University because it is unique as it gives a very good perspective of fund management, corporate finance, derivatives and so on therefore giving middle level managers a better appreciation of the synergies that can be built cross asset classes and disciplines.”

  • Daniella Epp

    Daniella Epp

    Daniela studied as a full-time student at Macquarie University's North Ryde Campus. Originally from Germany, she came Australia to study the MAppFin. Click through to hear about Daniela’s background, how she found the program and what she enjoyed most about her studies and her classmates.

  • Brendon Harper

    Brendon Harper

    Position: Associate Director, Australian Bankers Association

    Brendon is a part-time student  studying at our Sydney centre while working full-time as an Associate Director at the Australian Bankers’ Association. Click here to find out how Brendon finds the structure and content of the program, as well as the insights he has gained so far.

  • Anthony Kam

    Anthony Kam

    Position: Chief Financial Officer of HSBC Singapore

    “The portability of the course was a major attraction to me. I recalled I could finish an elective in Singapore and take the examination in one of the other locations. Portability and flexibility is particularly important for executives who have high mobility across different countries.”

  • John Keith

    John Keith

    Position: Managing Director, Head of Financial and Official Institutions Group, BNP Paribas

    John finished his MAppFin in 1995 and now holds a senior position at BNP Paribas. Click through to hear about John's experience of the program, how it has helped him in his career to date, as well as further insights he has to share.

  • Lee Kim Chuan

    Kim Chuan Lee

    “The Master of Applied Finance is a premier finance course and was an obvious choice. With the knowledge and networking it served it added great value to perform my role and also my capacity for bigger responsibility... and it has certainly looked good on my business cards! People do give me the respect knowing that I had completed the course. It has certainly helped to raise my competency and qualification, not to mention my resume.”

  • Liu Jun

    Position: Team Leader, Dow Jones & Company

    "I chose Macquarie’s MAF program as it is well-known in the Asia Pacific region and the only finance postgraduate program in China that is taught by experts with substantial industry experience as well as extensive academic qualifications. This program has substantially improved my understanding of the financial markets and has helped me do a better job."

  • Ultan McDonald

    Ultan MacDonald

    Position: Head of Offshore Banking Unit, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Ultan completed his Master of Applied Finance in 2002 and now holds a senior position within the Commonwealth Bank. Click through to hear how the MAppFin qualification has helped his career, as well as his advice to those thinking about undertaking the program.

  • Virginia Malley

    Virginia Malley

    Virginia graduated with the MAppFin in 1989, making her one of our earliest graduates. Hear how the MAppFin has help Virginia during her successful career so far.

  • Daniel Moses

    Daniel Moses

    Position: Head of Corporate Cash, Westpac Institutional Bank, Sydney

    “Many people have developed hard skills in a particular stream of finance e.g. corporate finance or financial markets and have not broadened or built upon their skill set. With the current pace of change we find ourselves having to reinvent and up-skill. The Master of Applied Finance is an enabler to that reinvention process, allowing people to take a vertical dive into new areas of technical expertise.”

  • Evan Mudge

    Evan Mudge & Takashi Onishi

    Evan and Takashi are recent alumni of MAFC, both having completed their Master of Applied Finance in 2013. They are also work colleagues at Evans and Peck. Listen to their joint interview about why they chose the Macquarie MAppFin and how it has helped them in their current roles.

  • Michael Pilscheur

    Position: CFO, Soreha China (Beijing), a subsidiary of Soreha AG Switzerland

    “The only finance postgraduate program in China that is taught by internationally experienced experts with extensive academic qualifications."

  • Matt Price

    Matt Price

    Position: Head of Group Capital Management, National Australia Bank

    Matt completed his MAppFin in 2005. He has since progressed his career to the senior position of Head of Group Capital Management at NAB. Hear about his career to date and the insights he has gained along the way.

  • Soon Teik Ong

    Position: Executive Director Corporate Finance, Asiamine Holdings

    “A good blend of theory and application is the strength of this Master of Applied Finance course. The practical approach and the “applied” aspects of the course was also very helpful as it was taught by practitioners. At the same time, the course training also allowed me the opportunity to practice."

  • Jim Trivellas

    MAppFin Prize Winner and Alumnus from 2009 (Melbourne) 

    Jim completed the MAppFin in 2009 and is a Senior Quantitative Analyst. Read about why Jim chose to study the MAppFin and how it has helped his career.

  • Julie Zhu

    Position: Second Vice President, Client Relationship Manager at The Northern Trust Company Beijing Branch

    “The main driver for me in choosing Macquarie University’s Master of Applied Finance is the course itself. By looking through the course contents in this program, I was so interested and attracted by the practicability of it. Moreover, the brand of Macquarie is the key consideration for me to choose this program. I am confident that both the knowledge and the degree I gained from this program will enhance my career to a new step.”

  • Zhuang Liyu (Vivian)

    Position: Chief Representative of Dexia Credit Local Beijing Representative Office

    “This program is focused on practical skills and knowledge which is useful both for those already in the finance industry or those who wish to enter it. Compared to other programs, it has a clear direction and offers wide range of electives to choose from. I think Macquarie’s MAF is a good choice if you want to be in the finance industry.”

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