Centre: Melbourne

Study Load: Part-time

Daniela studied as a full-time student at Macquarie University's North Ryde Campus. Originally from Germany, she came Australia to study the MAppFin. Hear about Daniela’s background, how she found the program and what she enjoyed most about her studies and her classmates.

"I really liked the practical approach and that all students had professional work experience. I enjoyed Financial Risk Management and Financial Instruments as they were what I had worked in before, and they helped me to better understand why certain products are sold or not sold and why the banking industry introduces certain policies and measures. I understand a lot more of what is going on 'behind the scenes' and why products are being traded, sold or used. I enjoyed being in a group full-time students from all over the world, and in one of my favourite cities!"

Matt completed his MAppFin in 2005. Upon graduating he progressed his career to the senior position of Head of Group Capital Management, Group Treasury at National Australia Bank. Hear about his career and the insights he has gained along the way.

Brendon completed the Master of Applied Finance in 2014 at our Sydney CBD centre as a part-time student, whilst working full time at Australian Bankers' Association as Associate Director - Industry Policy and Economics.

Find out how Brendon finds the structure and content of the program, as well as the insights he has gained so far.

"I wanted to focus my studies in corporate finance and the MAppFin Program was a great complement to the valuation and financial modelling skills many of us had begun developing in our previous work experience."

"The electives helped me fully understand corporate finance from the viewpoint of various industry players, such as corporates, investment banks, and private equity funds. I also learned more about the range of activities that take place in the financial sector. My classmates came from many different backgrounds and geographies, and working with them through each of the assignments gave us the opportunity to share our knowledge and perspectives."

"The MAppFin provided me with practical and extensive learning experiences. It provided the means to understand business quickly, which is really beneficial to managing business and setting strategy."

"The Master of Applied Finance demystified many of the assumed complexities surrounding the world of finance. It helped me to think more strategically and that was instrumental in my career progression."

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